The only thing left are the empis!

The empis are now located just north of seattle. A couple of people have checked, and shipping is expensive. So if you come get them I'll let them go for $300, that is what I paid for the tires. They have less than 3000 miles, so you are basically getting a free set of wheels w/ the tires.

e-mail me with questions paulh@think-fast.net

Everything below is sold, thanks to all.

  • Targa top w/ grey headliner - Sold
  • 2 engine covers, no letters or rain trays - $10 each.
  • 2 rear trunk lids - $15 each.
  • guage cluster w/ 120mph speedo, 2 trim rings (plastic & metal) - make offer
  • windshield, rear glass, and wing windows (have access to side windows too) - make offer.
  • rear springs & shocks - $25 for the pair.
  • Black seats and backpad - Sold.
  • Tail shift transmission, unkown condition - $25
  • couple of steering colums, 1 w/ key, & fair steering wheel - 1 dual speed 5+ port ehternet switch?
  • set of black headlight buckets, lids, & motors - 1 pack of Omaha Steaks tenderloins?
  • 1.7L engine, no intake, no tin unkown condition - 6 pack of good beer?
  • More as I empty boxes, and find stuff on shelves...

    I have found a place that does pickup/crating/shipping, they seem pretty reasonable, and do all the work. If you're interested in anything I can get a quote for you. I might be interested in trading for interesting electronic bits, a KBCO studio C volume 2, a good neoprene water ski life vest, a good slolom ski, a week at you island retreat in the Caribbean, or anything else you want to offer (I reserve the right to refuse your offer if my wife gives me 'that look' when I tell her about it).

    e-mail me with any specific requests paulh@think-fast.net and I'll see what I have.  All prices are negotiable depending on moon phase, credit card balances, and if you want to come pull the part your self (and how greasy the part might be if you want me to pull it).  Shipping cost is your responsibility, but I'll package small parts.  Bigger / heavier parts will require some negotiation.


     2.0 L engine, FI, breakerless distributor w/ dual vacuum, bursch muffler (bad fuel pump) - $1250 complete SOLD

     Engine w/o muffler and w/ normal single vacuum points distributor - $1100 SOLD

     2.0 case and crank, w/ pushrods, and rockers. No jugs, pistons or heads. - SOLD

     FI in a box: harness, runners, plenum, MAP sensor, Brain, Dist., no injectors, or fuel pump, - $SOLD

     5spd side shifter trans. - $150 SOLD

     5spd tail shifter trans.(unknown condition) -  $25

     5spd side shifter transl(know to grind) - $50

     Side shift linkage complete - $100 SOLD

     Misc. shift linkage parts . Make offer

     1.7 L engine No intake or ignition, complete w/ alternator, fan tin, flywheel, heat exchangers. . Make offer

     Engine cover w/ drip tray and gold letters - $75 SOLD

     Rear trunk lid - $45

     Bursch muffler almost new (still has stickers!) - $150 SOLD

     Breakerless distributor with dual vacuum (advance and retard) - $100 SOLD

     Empi 8 spoke wheels w/ Goodyear phantom tires ~500 miles - $500

     Complete lenses w/ buckets rears - $50 each, fronts - $15 each

     Sheet metal, doors, fenders, glass, suspension, brakes, steel wheels, - Make offer. SOLD

     Boxes of spare parts, relay boards, R.B. covers, 2.0 engine tin,distributor, starter, - Make offer.

    I've moved the pictures around so the pages load faster (it was getting big). I'm leaving these up as an archive, they don't generate a lot of traffic, but it looks like some of them have been linked to (to the guy at indiana university who apparently used this in some kind of project: What exactly was it?). To each there own I guess, consider these public domain, and use as you'd like. Note: I rank pretty high on searches that include the terms "porshce" and "rust"!

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